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 Most dealers today understand the value of an F&I department, and history shows that this department can be a significant profit center when the right processes are implemented, enabling managers to sell additional products and services to every customer who takes delivery of a new or used vehicle. One of those processes is menu selling. 


 Electronic menus cost less, allow for more pricing flexibility, are easy to use, offer 100-percent accountability tracking for advisers, are customer-friendly and are available 24/7 for your customers. Factory Service menu, Full Vehicle Line Up almost all trucks and cars Research shows that online menus partnered with an online appointment process will generate about 20 percent more in sales per repair order than those written by your advisers. Do the math in your store and you’ll probably see an opportunity to add at least $50 per repair order. The fact is, online customers will go to your online menu and “sell themselves” because 100 percent of the customers are presented the menu when they log in.